Information & Rules

Basic Rules:

1. It doesn’t matter what shot you are bowling on, your average will reflect this league only based on the handicaps given here. If it happens to be a CHANGING sport shot league (PBA experience league), this might not be the league for you as your average will change dramatically each week.
2. If your league is split into two days (for instance, 16 teams and only 8 lanes in the house), please contact us to fill out a special form regarding this.
3. NO TAP Leagues are not permitted.


1. The first three (3) weeks of the season, you will be using your 2022-23 book average. This average will be taken from your USBC ID that you supplied in the entry form. If the bowler’s highest current 2023-24 average or summer league, with a minimum of 21 games, is higher by 10 pins or more, the current average will be used. If there is no 2022-23 average, the bowler’s highest current year average, with a minimum of 21 games, will be used.
2. If you don’t have an average, you will bowl scratch until you establish your average for the first three weeks.


1. Handicaps will be 90% of 230. Handicaps will be computed on a three game series per week, with a running total average (just like a normal league with handicaps).

Submitting weekly scores:

1. Scores must be submitted by 11:59 PM EST on the Sunday following the end of each week. Exceptions require admin approval.
2. If bowler is unable to submit scores due to absence or inability to prove score, bowler still must submit as Blind. Failure to submit any scores or as Blind will result in being marked Absent.
A. Blind scores will be scored as -10 from the bowler’s online average and not count towards average. Blind scores can still win points.
B. Absent scores will be scored as -20 from the bowler’s online average and not count towards average. Absent scores forfeit all points, but opposing bowler must earn points by scoring equal to or higher the handicap score of the absent bowler. Failure to do so will result in unearned points as listed on the standings sheet. At least one bowler must submit for the team to earn points in doubles, trios, and quads.

3. If you are in a split league, please indicate which days you are bowling beforehand, then provide the day of league with the form (you will understand this more once it gets closer to date).
4. If you wish to pre-bowl your weekly scores, you MUST submit a pre-bowl form at This will help indicate which date/time you are pre-bowling for that specific week.
5. Visit the website, to submit your weekly score, via the form provided on the page.


1. Given the amount of bowlers, there will be multiple divisions of equal bowlers/teams.
2. The bowlers that are placed into each division will be chosen at random, as well. We want this to be a fun league, so please take this into consideration. One division might be stronger than the other; yes it can happen.
3. Each week you will be paired up with a random opponent within your division. You will earn 1 point for every game victory, 0 points for every game loss, and 1 point for every series victory. The maximum score per week is 4 points.
4. The season will last as many weeks as bowlers in each division plus extra rounds (last year was 16 regular weeks and 4 playoff weeks) . You will face a different opponent each week (never facing the same opponent twice, with exception to position rounds).
5. At the end of the season, the top 1:4 in each division will earn prize money. A top % in each division will move onto an extra final round to earn additional money. This money will be based on how many entries we receive.


1. You will be required to pay a $30 entry fee for the league. $25.00 of it will go towards the prize fund. The other $5.00 goes towards expenses.

2. There are additional add-ons:
           –     Scratch Singles: $30
           –     Handicap Doubles: $30 (per person), two entries maximum per bowler.
           –     Handicap Trios: $30 (per person)
           –     Scratch Doubles: $30 (per person)
           –     Handicap Quads: $30 (per person)
           –     Creating the Difference Handicap Singles: $20 (per person), must be a member of CtD to join.
           –     300 Game Jackpot: $5, winners from the whole season split the prize pool.
           –     800 Series Jackpot: $5, winners from the whole season split the prize pool.
***Admin Fees are $5 for each league, except for CtD. No Admin Fees for Jackpots***

3. Throughout the year, there may be opportunities to join side pots. Side pots will have all posted information when they are available. Previous years have seen scratch and handicap brackets, eliminator, high game/high series pots, a strike jackpot, a 30 clean jackpot, a 50/50 raffle, mystery doubles, and more!


This league is all about fun. Please be honest when submitting scores and posting averages (if you currently have an average way above your 2022-23 book average). We want this to continue forward in the next years to come! -Nick and Tim