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Digibowl Online Tournaments – Winter 2019/2020


Tournament Registration Begins: November 22nd, 2019


Tournament Early Registration Closes: December 1st, 2019

Entry: $35 (breakdown on prize structure sheet)


Tournament Squad 1 Registration Closes: December 7th, 2019
Entry: $40 (breakdown on prize structure sheet)

Squad 1 Schedule: December 8th-21st, 2019


Tournament Squad 2 Registration Closes: January 4th, 2020

Entry: $40 (breakdown on prize structure sheet)

Re-Entry: $30 (breakdown on prize structure sheet)

Squad 2 Schedule: January 5th-18th, 2020


Tournament Desperado Registration Closes: January 25th, 2020

Entry: $20 (breakdown on prize structure sheet)

Desperado Schedule: January 26th-February 1st, 2020


Finals Beginning Date: February 9th, 2020


Prize Fees returned 100%

Prize Ratio is 1:5 for Squad 1 and 2, 1:10 for Desperado.


Tournament Rules

  1. Competitors may enter once per squad.
  2. Handicap for this event is 90% of 220.
  3. Entering averages
  4. Previous season’s (2018/19) highest of

1) A  single USBC or CTP league average based on a minimum of 21 games.

2) A composite average of all USBC or CTP leagues, including leagues with less than 21


  1. If no average last year,  use highest current season USBC or CTP average at the time of entry for

21 or more games. This average must be proven by the bowler.

  1. Unsanctioned bowlers will use their current league average. This average must be proven by the


  1. Bowlers with none of the above must bowl scratch.
  2. If current season average for at least 21 games at time of bowling exceeds last season’s average by 10 or

more pins, current season average must be used.

  1. Qualifying and Finals
  2. This event will consist of 3 squads.

1) Squad 1 and 2 will consist of 6 total games of qualifying across 2 weeks.

2) Desperado will consist of 3 total games of qualifying across 1 week. This squad is only

available to bowlers who have entered at least one of the other squads.

  1. The finals will consist of 1 game matches. Each new round will use the immediate following game

of the bowler’s league session until after the 3rd where it will continue the following week. The

finals bracket will be based on the amount of qualifiers with byes given to the highest qualifiers as


  1. The first 3 games of each league session will be the only ones counted for the duration of the


  1. Weeks will be considered as running from Sunday-Saturday for the duration of this event.
  2. Scores must be submitted by 11:59 PM EST on the Sunday following the end of each week.

Exceptions require admin approval. Failure to submit on time will result in a 0 for all scores that

week. Scores are to be submitted to the website – – including a

picture of the recap sheet proving your scores or a league secretary link to your league that must

be updated before scores close on the Sunday following the end of a week.

  1. Bowlers who compete on a sport league that does not sanction as sport can be subject to re-rating at

discretion of the tournament director.

  1. The average adjustment rule will apply (Rule 319e).
  2. Any bowler may be subject to a re-rate at the discretion of the tournament director at any point until their

squad begins. Re-rated bowlers may opt for a refund or accept the re-rated average.

  1. It is each bowler’s responsibility to ensure their average and handicap are correct in the event. If the

average submitted is lower, the bowler may risk disqualification if not corrected before the end of the first

week of play, as it could lead to a bowler receiving more handicap. If the submitted average is higher, the bowler will bowl with the number submitted if the error is not corrected by the end of the first week of play.

  1. All decisions of the tournament manager are final unless an appeal is made.
  2. As a general rule, when in doubt follow the rules according to our online league or contact the tournament

director with questions.

Expense Fee $10.00
Prize Fee $30.00
Total Fee $40.00


Expense Fee $0.00
Prize Fee $30.00
Total Fee $30.00


Expense Fee $5.00
Prize Fee $15.00
Total Fee $20.00


Expense Fee $5.00
Prize Fee $30.00
Total Fee $35.00

Brackets (Scratch, Handicap)

Cost: $5 per entry, covers both series in a squad with 2 seperate brackets

Payout: 1st – $12, 2nd – $5

Rules: Starting from game 1, entrants are placed in a bracket of 8 entries (no duplicate names per set of 8) and play against 1 opponent. The higher score advances to play an opponent for game 3, with the winner advancing to the finals. Both finalists cash and use their game 4 score to determine final places. Ties are broken by the next game’s score, if any. This process is then repeated starting from game 4 to produce two separate sets of brackets for one price.


Eliminator (Scratch, Handicap)

Cost: $5 per entry, per series.

Payout: 1:4

Rules: Entrants will all be pooled together and starting in game 1 the top half of the field will advance to the next game. After the 3rd game, remaining players will be paid out based on final game scores.

Requires at least 8 entries to fire.


Throw the Lows Scratch Sweeper

Cost: $5 per entry

Payout: 1:5 entries

Rules: The lowest three games from your qualifying set are thrown out to produce the highest 3 game series. Highest scores win. All squads go into the same pool. You may enter more than once (in different squads) and win more than once.

Requires at least 5 entries to fire.


High Game/High Series

Cost: $10 per entry

Payout: 1:10 entries

Rules: There are 8 ways to cash this side pot. The highest scores in each game and series will cash. The pot, after administrative fees, will be split evenly between all 8 payouts. Entrants can win multiple times across all 8 pools.

Requires at least 10 entries to fire.


300/800 Jackpot

Cost: $5 per entry

Payout: 90% of the Jackpot

Rules: Shoot an honor score and win the jackpot! 800 series only applies to the first or last 3 games of a squad. All qualifying honor scores split the pool evenly. If no qualifying honor scores happen, the jackpot will be split evenly by the highest series and highest game out of those who entered the jackpot.

Starting jackpot is $20. This amount increases by $4 per entry and is donated by the tournament organizer.


Administrative Fees

Bracket – $6 per set of brackets

Eliminator, Mystery Doubles, Throw the Low, and High Game/High Series – 10% of the pool

300/800 Jackpot – $1 per entry

Will be available after early registration closes.